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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I personally love that there are more protesters at the current gathering of powers and at the helm of promised hope then there were are the boles of hate and sickness. I hope we push for more and demand it. I hope that we give more to solve problems then wait and be forced for it to be taken for needless wars and greed. I hope for change without the changing of moneys paid and made simply for the change, for the betterment of man. I shun the fear-mongers. I shun the liars no matter where the sit in government aisle. I praise the people. I give them everything in hopes that they take it themselves... but with self-respect deserved and with respect for others and simply without the hope of themselves becoming rich but rather rich in the hopes of becoming happy. For as long as there is needless death... you are simply not doing enough. Leave your coal powered lights on, that were made from cancerous materials handled by slave labor employees for five seconds and you give to them, the millions and take mothers and father and sons and daughter to the grave. We can fix this. We have the power. You have the power. Don't wait for the big government to force you to save children from dictators. Enjoy what you were given (the luck to be born here) but give. To good to give? To bad for you as you were give all that you needed and more.